Chapter 2: Work out the Plan

I once knew a girl who didn’t do anything without planning it out first. Every day she made plans and made contingencies for if her plans fell through. She even made contingencies for her contingencies. On the surface she seemed fine, underneath the facade, she was basically insane. If something came up that didn’t fit in a slot on one of her plans or contingencies, then she just shut down. Continue reading Chapter 2: Work out the Plan

Chapter 1: You want it when?

The day started off like most in Nashville, too damn humid and too damn hot. I knew what was coming before I got into the office but wanted to hear it from on high. It had been a weeks since I wanted to just crawl under my desk and hide from a task. Generally, the work I do is challenging, but not terrible so I skate through the days and churn lines of code hoping for the best.

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You Can’t Go Forward By Going Back

I was having a discussion with a friend the other day about the election and like those conversations are wont, it turned into discussion about what is really wrong with America and why The Donald is suddenly so popular despite being clearly off his rocker. Inevitability, the point was made that shipping jobs overseas has caused a lot of anxiety with Middle Class people. That’s a fair assessment. Change does cause anxiety especially change that leads to something that is, seemingly, no better and possibly worse that what came before. Combine that with decades of stagnation and the country is a tinder box ready for the flaming match that is Donald Trump.
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After watching the Redneck Ninja YouTube clip I have been pondering what it means to be fearless. Let’s face it, a person doesn’t make that video wondering all the while what people are going to think. In their mind it was awesome and nothing would tell them otherwise. And it is awesome just for that.
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Where is the frontier?

The frontier is a safety valve for civilization. A place for people to go to keep form going mad. The frontier has always been explored by people who just don’t quite fit in with regular society; nuts, malcontents, extremists, criminals. They would pack up (or in some cases be packed up – I’m looking at you Australia) and head for the frontier. In the US, the frontier eventually became the Thirteen Colonies. When enough people didn’t fit in there, they started moving west, finally ending up in California. That’s why it’s full of nuts.
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Subway Crush

It’s summer in New York City. The way you know is that the subway platforms are so hot and muggy that’s like being in a Turkish sauna. Just as it gets unbearable – you’re thinking of taking off you shirt, seriously thinking of taking off your shirt to the point the top two buttons have come undone and you can see the same thought in the eyes of the people around you – along comes a train going in the opposite direction and it brings just enough breeze to bring everyone back in from the ledge.
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On Photography

My fascination with photography and photographs started, I think, when I was around six or seven years old. One of my great memories growing up was traveling with my Dad to different car shows where he would let me be in charge of the camera. We had a Kodak 126 box camera. It was sturdy, easy to use and I couldn’t take a well framed picture to save my life. But that didn’t matter, I was always given a couple rolls of film and I was always amazed at how what I remembered seeing in the viewfinder was not what came out on the prints.

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On Honesty

Honesty is an interesting concept. We value it in ourselves and at the same condemn other for being honest. I moved a lot going up. I had to have some defense, and somehow I picked honesty. I was always an outsider so I never won a fight. The only way I could feel superior or escape total inferiority, was to be the most honest bastard on the planet.

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